Google Sites Just Got Really Good

Eric Curts from Control Alt Achieve wrote:

“Out of all the major Google tools, most people would agree that Google Sites has been the most overdue for an update. Yes, it is one of my favorite programs, and I have used it extensively to design websites, and I have created loads of training videos and guides for it. Still though, when compared to most modern web design tools, Google Sites has fallen far behind its competition.”

I recently asked a colleague to draw their experience using the old Google Sites for student ePo​rtfolios. It looked something like this…

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 10.29.53 AM





Meet the new Google Sites.

Now, the new Google Sites provides more successful solutions in a way-friendlier interface than anything else I have used before.​ ​

You can create a new website in minutes!

Sites can be a great tool for students to demonstrate their learning, build a portfolio, collaborate with peers, share their writings, and create a positive digital footprint, especially if the school is using Google Apps for Education.

Here is my new Site I built to teach how to integrate technology within the classroom.

I am looking forward to seeing the educational impact a new version of Sites can have on teaching and learning at school.

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