Focusing the Shift from Teacher-Centered to Student-Centered


Yes, I have been playing it safe this first year.

The Technology Learning Coach role is both new to our school and me. Previously coming from a Technology Coordinator and Facilitator role has me now learning this Coaching role. Thankfully the school and faculty have been supportive and patient with my newbieness.

To compensate for being such a novice, I have been drawing upon my years of teaching, coaching team sports and outdoor pursuits in order to build trust and respect on campus.

My weekly blog posts and email notifications have provided techie tools, Google moves, resources, apps and hacks to make life easier in the teacher lane. I am not really sure if it is making any impact on students.

The only data I have been using with teachers is MAP RIT scores and analysis, which occurs only twice per school year. Being one of the MAP coordinators, I thought this would responsibly serve teachers with informative data.

My position lands me in a beautifully designed Learning Commons whereby faculty and students find me happily ready to provide a helping hand. This proximity sometimes has me assisting them with making photocopies, too.

Fortunately, and despite my inexperience as Learning Coach, I believe the school is on board with making student learning meaningful rather than just ‘skilling up’ the teacher. Once this philosophy is better socialized, teachers will feel less pressure and be more open to engaging with a Coach and the coaching cycle.

Importantly, students will gain the most from the Student-Centered approach. The residual effect of the Student-Centered model may also allow for windows of opportunity for teachers to reflect on their craft in order to enhance the lives of OUR students.

Win win.

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