Micro-Modeling While Co-Teaching

Co-planning and co-teaching are essential practices for student-centered coaching. When working with teachers to plan lessons and co-teach, we seek partnership and shared ownership. This is a true sign of partnership.

“Which of the co-teaching moves might you try? Why?”

One of the first moves I would like to incorporate into my practice is micro-modeling. I like that this move is so flexible, allowing for whole group, small group and one-on-one opportunities.

Being a technology learning coach, I believe there will be many chances to apply in quick fashion, especially being situated in the flexible space of the Learning Commons. Taking rational risks with technology can be sensitive issue with teachers, more so than with students at times, so I like the idea of jumping right in with micro-modeling. Being a rock climber and guide I think I do a lot of micro-modeling moves, technique and rope work with clients, too.

Additionally, I will try the stems for ‘thinking aloud’ as a way to share my thinking. Cognitive thinking aloud is another effective way to show rather than tell as it relates to student goals,  sustainability learning and technology initiatives, at school.

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