Adventure Based Learning

Adventure Based Learning

It is no secret. Children need to spend time outdoors and interact with nature in order to keep balance within their ever changing world.

Outdoor adventure provides a crucible for fostering and developing beneficial skills and traits, and lessons learned outside – in the wild – can be replicated and applied in any setting.

In 2001, Adventure Recreation Club was founded and has been active in offering children the chance to experience the wonder of nature, experientially.  You can see more about the Adventure Recreation Club here.

Combining the Five Elements of Adventure, developed by Matt Walker, and the Experiential Teaching Model, provides children the structure to deeply inspire and engage them outdoors with a sense of purpose. 

Five Elements of Adventure

  1. High Endeavor  – Out of the ordinary
  2. Uncertain Outcome – Into the unknown
  3. Total Commitment – Passion
  4. Tolerance for Adversity – Mindfulness
  5. Great Companionship – Bonding


Click here for Experiential Teaching Model in full view.

Video Gallery:

Jebel Khazali Climb from Brent Fullerton on Vimeo.

Adventure Recreation Club #1 from Brent Fullerton on Vimeo.

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